Law Firm General Counsel Consortium

As the center of thought leadership on the organizational leadership and character exemplified in the in-house counsel, Columbia Law School and the Mark Initiative will lead an invitation-only consortium of dedicated and passionate practitioners who are shaping the evolution of the law firm general counsel role to engage in rich discussion on organizational culture and leadership of law firms, to share best practices, and to engage outside perspectives. The composition of the consortium includes general counsels and in-house counsels of leading law firms and other experts on the evolution of law firms as global businesses. Topics of exploration also include current challenges surrounding corporate culture and governance within law firms, differing generational work/life expectations, as well as intersections with racial, ethnic, and gender diversity, which are especially germane to the Mark Initiative and its goals around teaching exceptional organizational culture. Additional programming for Columbia students is designed to highlight the work and role of this unique group of general counsels. Members of the consortium meet on an annual basis. 

Columbia Affiliations